Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm is a family owned business and we firmly believe that families should have fun while choosing their Christmas trees, and decorating it at their homes. 

Choices & Prices-Customers can choose from an array of Christmas trees ranging from four feet tall to over ten feet tall. The types of trees include Norway Spruce/Fir ($70), Blue Spruce ($45), Scotch Pines ($35) and White Pines ($45). Prices based on species, not height. 

Clients have the option of choosing and cutting their own tree, or having us cut the tree you have chosen for you. We will also provide the string and tree nets needed for transportation. 

Early Reservations will be required again this year! Please book an appointment using the link identified on our home page! Each year we send out emails to previous customers or others that have asked to be on our email list which announces a specific dates in October when we will be open for early tree reservations. Clients can then return to harvest the tree and take it home when they wish. We send out an email to previous customers (Sept. or early Oct.) from ( and on our Website and Facebook announcing which weekend(s) we will open for reservations. Again, Please see our home page for details!

OTHER PRODUCE made at Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm and available for purchase include Raspberry Jelly ($5 or $9) & Raspberry Syrup ($8 or $15) and Real Vermont Maple Syrup ($8pt-$15qt-$25 half gal) or Virginia Maple Syrup ($10pt-$18qt) that we make here on the farm or in Vermont. We also have our own Dilly Beans ($9 qt) and Picked Jalapeno Peppers ($9 qt or 2/$16). NEW this year we also have Honey from our Bees! ($10/16oz container) 

All produce can be purchased year round!

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