2020 Season (SOLD OUT)
Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm is a family owned farming business located just east of Berryville, Virginia. Alex purchased the land in 1985 to run a cow/calf business. He first built a garage as a temporary shelter till the proper home was built, which was completed in 1990.

Upon the urging of our forester friend, Dana Malone, in 2000 we decided to begin growing Christmas trees. The farm is located on Chilly Hollow Road, which is also sometimes referred to as the Watermelon Park Road. 

Our trees prices range from $30 to $70 dependent on the species. CASH ONLY! Sorry, we do NOT accept Credit or Debit cards! We do not have internet service in our office and this keeps our costs down helping save our customers money.

We are happy to cut and drag the tree of your choice, and provide the tree nets needed so your tree can be taken safely home. At Chilly Hollow Christmas Tree Farm you will also be able to purchase delicacies like our homemade Raspberry Jelly ($5) & Syrup ($8), Dilly Beans ($9), Pickled Jalapenos ($9) and real Maple Syrup ($8 pt, $15 qt, $25 half gal). Do drive down to Chilly Hollow and join us.

P: 540-539-1307  | E: moosecaller@aol.com

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