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Thanks so much for all those that came out and got trees, jelly and  
maple syrup from us this year. Sorry that we had to close so abruptly but we doubled our previous single day sales record yesterday (Dec 2).

If you have gotten trees from us for multiple years and are in our database but were unable to get one this year send and email to Alex at Moosecaller@aol.com and we will see what we can do.

Merry Christmas to All!
Alex and Susan

Rain and Dying trees!

This year has been a disaster for many agricultural products due to the excessive rainfall amounts. We have had several complaints about trees not lasting as they normally do. After talking to several other tree growers in the area it does not appear unique to us and many of us (farmers) have lost hundreds of trees each due to excessive rain. The extra 22 inches of rain above normal has drowned or at least stressed the trees way beyond what is normal. 
In an effort to make this right for anyone who purchased a tree from us and had an issue with their tree dying before Christmas, PLEASE send me an email (moosecaller@aol.com) or Text (540-539-1307) with pictures of your impacted tree and name it was purchased under (on or before Christmas day) and I will offer a significant discount for a tree next year.
We are sorry for the inconvenience but hope you will  be back to see us next year and MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Alex and Susan

Prices are based on species, not size and range from $30 to $60. We do not accept credit or debit cards so please remember to bring cash!

Cut your own tree for Christmas! We have 5 species of trees to choose from including: Norway Spruce (our biggest seller), Blue Spruce, Firs (small), Scotch Pines and White Pines.
We also sell Raspberry jelly which we make from raspberries we grow here on the farm and Real Virginia (made here on the farm) and Vermont Maple Syrup that we help to make each spring.
We Prefer Cash Sales! This is easier for us and makes the checkout process run more efficiently. We do not accept Credit cards as we have no internet in our sales office! We will accept Local Checks but only with 2 forms of ID and a current drivers license number. 

P: 540-539-1307  | E: moosecaller@aol.com

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